Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's on for Thanksgiving?

Honestly, things are still a bit undetermined around my house for the holiday. But, I have plenty of recipes to choose from for the holiday menu. Can you tell Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?

Here's a list of favorites that I have made the last two years:

Brined. Definitely. Now, keep in mind we get a pastured bird, one that has not been injected with salt water like many familiar grocery store turkeys. If your bird has been injected, no need to brine since this will not work. The spouse has Turkey Duty.

Yep, salad is a must since I found local sources for my greens for Thanksgiving. Here's some favorites that we've served for the holidays.

The Sauce

The Green Vegetable

Sweet Potatoes


Also, I love the Serious Eats recipe sharing going on now in their Thanksgiving section. It makes me want to do a whole new menu all over again!

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