Sunday, November 28, 2010

Book Giveaways!!!

I've been guilty of procrastinating ... usually not for three months! August's book winner is Sarah (St)! At Our Table is headed to her table! Finally.

For September, October and November I am making up some time here and doing three book giveaways! So, be sure you comment below to win since I will be doing three drawings. Odds are good, right? To enter, leave a comment below with your pick of the three and I will do my best to draw from the names for that book so you have a chance at your favorite.

Book giveaways are:

Roger Ebert's The Pot and How to Use It

If you know the backstory here, Ebert is a critic and writer who lost his lower jaw to cancer. He can no longer eat, yet he wrote this book based on his personal experiences pre-cancer when he was trying to regain his health, losing a significant amount of weight. The book's recipes are often healthy ones, based on what Ebert learned from nutrition experts along the way. The text began as a blog post, and still reads that way with reader comments and reader recipes included.

Human nature being what it is, we only truly appreciate things when we no longer have them. This facet gives a special insight to Ebert's journey as a food writer who can no longer eat. Backed by his Pulitzer Prize winning writing skills, this one is a good read, not just recipes.

The Good Neighbor Cookbook by Sara Quessenberry and Suzanne Schlosberg is the next giveaway this month. Take a moment to think about every cookie exchange, new baby, funeral, block party, and new move-in that happens around you. Or, do you not even know your neighbors and wish you did? This book cleverly organizes recipes around each type of event in the lives of your community and gives some insight into why each event is significant and why these recipes are a fit.

The food is comfort food, reminiscent of the classic dishes we've been taking covered to the house next door for years, with updated approach and more sophisticated flavors; Summer Corn Salad with Chiles, Lime and Feta for example, or Roasted Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies. Show up with a few of these and the neighbors may forget all about how bad your lawn looks.

Mary Englebreit's Fan Fare Cookbook ... 120 Slow Cooker Recipe Favorites
Finally, after I get done with the holiday cooking in December, I am probably going to need more time to work out and less time cooking. I've been eyeing the crock pot with new affection and interest in one-pot meals. Should you find yourself in the same mindset, you might find the easy comfort food in this book a great guide for the busy new year ahead.


_vTg_ said...

In the word of my son, well prepped by his preschool, "I would be happy with any of them". At which point I always think "no, being decisive would be much easier!!!" so I'll go with the Good Neighbor book as I have great memories of the food from bring-a-plate dinners with colleagues when I was living in Denver.

LaLa said...

I'm probably too late for the book giveaway but wanted you to know I LOVE your site. I started out on Madame Fromage's Ramen Holiday blog, which linked to Eat Local Challenge blog, then I saw your great post about How to Get a Turkey on Facebook which brought me here. Definitely will follow, excellent writing and recipes. Thanks!

ExpatChef said...

@vtg, you are the sole winner, will need your snail mail address sent to farmerfare (at) gmail (dot) com to get books to you.

@lala, what a lovely thing to say. Glad you stopped by. I am putting you on the list for the next book giveaway in January!