Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow, Life Got Crazy

I am currently figuring out how to write a grant for a community project. I have these grand ideas on how big it could be and all these potential ways for it to grow. I forget sometimes that I need to crawl a bit first. Still, it's a great learning experience.

At the same time I am helping with an Urban Farm Tour event for this summer. Thus, I spend a lot more time hanging out in soup kitchens and libraries for these meetings. The urban farmers are inspiring. Some of the programs that they have started are just incredible, like the Refugee garden. It's been a pleasure to work with them.

For the first time, I am starting to feel a very deep sense of connectedness to my community. I am looking forward to the day when I can watch people actually gardening at a community site that I had a small part in helping establish. I hope the project will have some Food Justice elements, as well. There is so much potential.

I am sorry, though, this has all taken me a bit away from the blog and from visiting all of your sites. Kind of like the whole new mom days, I am struggling to figure out how all this new stuff is going to fit in my 24-hour day constraints. I'll get there.

Some good recipes to share soon. Yes, I have still been cooking at least!


bellananda said...

wait a minute, wait a minute, waitaminute. you're in kansas city?? i've been reading this blog for how long and didn't realize that? oy. i'm the director of the KC CSA Coalition (www.kc-csac.org) and also helping out with the urban farms tour (we're going to have tables at the participating CSA farms, peopled by current CSA members). :) what are you doing for it, if I may ask? feel free to email me: csac.kc@gmail.com!

Sara Franklin said...

I think this is a fabulous blog. I'm a farmer, freelance writer, and food justice advocate now working in NYC (after 5 years in MA) as the capacity building coordinator at WHY (World Hunger Year). I'm so thrilled to hear about all that's going on in the Kansas City area, and am hoping to come out for either the urban ag tour (can we get you folks on the phone at some point? All these amazing orgs...) or for our own site visit later in the year.

I can be reached at sara@whyhunger.org

ExpatChef said...

Wow, thanks! Yes, I've tried to keep a low profile, but my worlds are rapidly colliding! Yes, in KC area.

Details on the KC Urban Farms and Gardens tour can be found on this site I built urbanfarmstourkc.com.

I am finding that this area is really strong in local food and I am very lucky to be here.

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