Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

Michelle Obama, read the full post at Eating Liberally (good read):

I want to urge people who are listening that if you have an opportunity, to come by -- not just this soup kitchen but any soup kitchen in your community. And helping is an easy thing to do. Collect some fruits and vegetables. Bring by some good healthy food. You know, we want to make sure that our guests here and across this country are eating nutritious items. Today we had fresh risotto with mushrooms. We had broccoli. We had fresh baked muffins with carrots in it. And my understanding is that this facility is able to provide that kind of meal for about $1.50. And that's an incredible thing to remember: that we can provide this kind of healthy food for communities across this country, and we can do it by each of us lending a hand.


Rachel said...

don't you just love her? Isn't she fabulous!?!?

Anonymous said...

Go Michelle! I read somewhere today that she made a cryptic comment about an exciting gardening project. Fingers crossed they've decided to turn the White House lawn into a kitchen garden!