Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm the Gatekeeper

No, not looking for the Keymaster. Just some good vegetables and spices, apparently. Today's NYT has a good review of the trend of getting back to the kitchen and just how much influence (up to 70% of all food choices, even while eating out) that this gatekeeper holds.

Plus, a quick quiz to find out just what kind of cook you are.


Rachel said...

I looked at the quiz and couldn't do it, because depending on the mood I'm in, the season and the reason for cooking, I could be almost any type of cook. Sometimes I strictly follow the recipe, but if I'm doing somethiong on a regular basis, I'll tweak it (substitute some meat for more veg or legumes, or, if I'm out of one ingredient, I'll substitute another). And what's with the distinction with "healthy" - isn't it a false choice to say they're more involved with health than taste?!

I think probably the only answer I'd say a definitive "no" to is being a "trendy" cook who uses an ingredient from the Cooking Network. But then again, I have been known to read the cooking section of the Sunday paper and go out to try a new recipe based on one ingredient, so who knows?

What was your cooking personality according to the test, B?

ExpatChef said...

I was a near split with just one more answer on the side of Innovative. The other ones were Health.

Health is a landmine since it rarely means the same thing. Remember fat-free as the big thing, now it's good fats or antioxidants or ... whatever.

The important thing is the willingness to cook period. Beyond that, it's a learning process and an exploration.