Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Beginnings

There it is. Our whole garden. Right now, you can't tell the heirloom Romanesco broccoli from the Wild Rocket (arugula), the Siberian Red Kale from the Mesclun lettuces. It all looks pretty much like long-stem clover with only two leaves.

Honestly, I thought I'd killed the lot of it. All 250 would-be vegetables on our table. If they live. But the tiny seedlings proved more resilient than they look. Slowly, slowly, the delicate sprouts come up and begin to reach for the weak winter sun just outside the southern exposure window pane.

We planted all of these, the Kiddo and I, on her birthday. Even more reason to hope for them to thrive.

But if they do, where am I going to put 250 plants?

Ah, that's another problem for a much warmer spring day to come.


Rachel said...

beautiful! I've just dug out the last of my disasterous summer garden, have put in a new layer of compost, and am planning for a (truncated) winter garden. Buying my broccoli, spinach, Swiss Chard seedlings today to get in the ground! Beets, carrots, etc., all going in too.

Thank goodness I've done all the gardening work with Jess; I've already told her that while I'm having the baby, she needs to remember to water the garden. She's very excited by the responsibility!

ExpatChef said...

Sure is going to be a lucky baby. And lucky Jess!

Anonymous said...

It's a funny old time, isn't it? I completely deaded my lettuce seedlings, and planted some more. The spinach got sown this morning, the broad beans are floopy but thriving, and the tomatoes look v happy and have their first true leaves now. It's great stuff : )