Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recipe Carnival: Halloween Recipe Edition

No secret that I have a slight "pumpkin addiction," so it's fitting that I am hosting a Halloween edition of the Recipe Carnival. This week's featured recipes are all perfect for your Monster Bash, or the little monsters next door. Except maybe the pumpkin latte — kids on sugar AND caffeine would make for a very scary Halloween indeed.

In the interest of transparency, I will confess that the "Treat Bags" I am making for my preschooler's Halloween party contain Goldfish crackers, fruit leather and art supplies. I am a wicked witch! But, parents of sugar-overloaded power rangers and princesses will thank me later as they peel the little ones off the ceilings and tuck them in after the inevitable sugar crash.

Then, I might just have some of the mulled cider below — spiked, for a treat of my own.

Halloween Recipes Just Right for the Season!

More "Treats!"

And Some Culinary "Tricks" for Good Measure


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Thanks for putting together the recipes.

Thomas Andrew said...

I didn't make it here until after Halloween. But these recipes are great for all fall! Can't wait to try the butternut squash soup. Thanks for hosting the carnival!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my site! Enjoy the Snicker S'mores!