Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Favorite Seafood Dish! Cioppino

I actually DID cook while I was on vacation. We were allowed to take over the beach house kitchen one night in order to prepare some local food — seafood! It's not easy cooking in a poorly stocked kitchen, for 12 people with all different tastes and one shrimp allergy. All-in-all, we managed a fine meal — even using some local produce and nearly six pounds of fresh caught seafood.

I posted the recipe over at Eat Local Challenge in honor of the October Challenge Month, and sticking to at least one local meal (okay a lot of local seafood) for the week.


Chiot's Run said...

Sounds delicious. Too bad seafood isn't local around here.

ExpatChef said...

Hard to look sexy in a bikini post-child and post three bowls of Cioppino, but thanks for the link spam.

Anonymous said...

I ll give u more seafood recipe plz test it,I think Crab Bee Hoon is currently my favourite crab dish and I am on a pilgrimage to find the ultimate Crab Bee Hoon in Singapore. There are generally 2 types of Crab Bee Hoon -- a soup and a dry version. I prefer the dry version.the widely accepted Gold Standard for dry Crab Bee Hoon is the one at Sin Huat. But because of the exorbitant prices, I have resisted going there to kena chop (swindled) Ultimately, the question is: "Is Resistence Futile?" Can I find a Crab Bee Hoon that I am so satisfied with that I can forget about ever going to Sin Huat?