Sunday, August 01, 2010

Book Reports Overdue

It's like being in school again, only I never got this late on my book reports then. Time to play catch up. On the good side, I am actually reading the books before I review. Just takes forever!

This book arrived on the same day as my first CSA box this year. Which is very fitting. The book is targeted to people who shop at farmers markets or have a CSA subscription. Inside are recipes organized by produce item alphabetically and designed to help home cooks get the most from their local produce. The book contains classic versions of recipes shared among CSA members such as Kale Chips and Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup.

I nod my head as I flip through the pages. The photos of family farms feel authentic and not forced. The food photos are lovely. The recipes read with familiar flavors, all the ingredients are actually in season together as paired. This is the book that would have been a gift seven years ago when I started my own local food path. I will say I am grateful for the experience of finding my own way, however. But I'm just wired that way.

The best of the book for me is the new recipes for the ingredients I am familiar with. Dishes such as Sweet Potatoes on the Grill, Braised Peas and Fennel with Pecorino, and Parsnip Soup with Fried Sage. It's a good reminder that eating locally and seasonally never ceases to be a learning experience, an exploration and an adventure.

Book provided for review by Andrews McMeel Publishing
320 pages

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