Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes You Win

Lately the kiddo has been trying to assert herself over the dinner table. I tell you not much compares to the parental moment there. After nine hours of dealing with impossible deadlines and technical details at work, and an hour in traffic, I arrive home to mouths waiting to be fed with just enough time to set down the briefcase and pick up the spatula.

Through the miracle of leftovers, I can usually hit table service in 20 minutes. As I am patting myself on the back for this amazing feat and some relatively decent balanced meals there, I get this from the pint-sized food critic:

"I don't like that."
"Now, you did not even taste it, so how do you know?"
"I just don't."

There are a few choice items running through my mind. You'll sit down and eat it and like it, cause after a long day, that's all you get. Fine, go hungry. But, I worked so hard to make something you would like!

"Okay," I say. "You don't have to eat it if you try it and do not like it. But you should try it. That way I will know what you like, what you don't, and be able to fix things that work for us all."

She tried it.


Yeah, sometimes you win. And sometimes, the kid just gets to be a little hungry leaving the table. Hard-headed and just a little bit hungry.


Chef Dad said...

I have two who are now young teens. Your scene is quite familiar. These days, however, my son turns food critic on me and tells me that "it needs a little something, Dad." The worst part is that he's usually right.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

Oh, I am so that person, "well that too bad, tomorrow morning is a long way away!!"

Too bad so sad, there are too many children out there with no food, for our children to treat us like we are a restaraunt, catering to there every need.

It is a great moment when they just, like it though!! Yay, to moms.


kate said...

Haha,, that's really. That's what we teens do.. This is some kind of practice for us to express our opinions.