Monday, December 14, 2009

January Book Giveaway

December's winner for The Berghoff Cafe Cookbook is Suburban Prep. Be sure you email your mailing address to farmerfare AT gmail DOT com to get your free book!

January's giveaway is, appropriately, Victoria Moore's book How to Drink. Leave a comment with your favorite cocktail or adult beverage you celebrate with and you will be entered into a random drawing to win the book.

The book covers not just alcoholic beverages, but the perfect seasonal drink for nearly every occasion. Recipes for the perfect drinks and cocktails are accompanied by advice and historical insights into beverage options.

Remember, kids, as the author says, it's not how MUCH you drink, it's how WELL you drink. And drive responsibly. Cheers for a happy 2010 for all!


Just Vegas said...

I don't do a lot of mixed drinks because I really just don't know how! My mom makes a killer margarita. I like tart things like an amaretto sour or Tom Collins. Ooh, I also like tequila sunrise.

Suburban prep said...

WOW Thank you
I have just emailed you.

Vicki said...

Right now I'm into lambics, but that'll probably change by next month :)

Joe said...

My go-to drink now is bourbon or Tennessee whiskey on the rocks. I'm a big fan of the small-batch bourbons, especially Blanton's & Bulliet.
Ironically, I do like single-malt Scotch whisky as well...especially Clynelish, a hardish-to-find single malt.
On occasion I'll do a vodka martini. Gin is gasoline, so I stay away from it.

Cindy said...

I like Baileys and Sprite over ice.

Tricia said...

Mulled wine is about as fancy as I get. But I'd love to learn how to mix a fancy drink!

The DLC said...

A rye manhattan on the rocks is the perfect winter beverage!

ABCD Diaries said...

Mexican Martinis:) Thanks for the chance!
christinbanda at yahoo dot com

Lauren said...

I love a good margarita.

Michele P. said...

while I love strawberry frozen margaritas, my favorite is vodka yummy!

Vikki said...

My favorite summer cocktail is the good ol' gin and tonic but I've also recently been making caipirinhas. Cachaca (a Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane), sugar, an entire lime and lots of ice. Perfect on a summer night with friends.

KCNapkins Guy said...

I didn't love the mojitos I found while living in Miami - too sugary.

Back here in KC, though, I put my herb garden to work and created a more herbacious version that I love:

In a cocktail shaker, put:
approx 6 basil leaves
a few small mint leaves
one - two tablespoons simple syrup
splash of cold water

Shake vigorously. Add club soda and strain into desired type of glass.


writersmuse said...

One of my favorite drinks to have in the winter is mead warmed up. But what I would like to try is chocolate port. Also I agree with Vicki, lambics are yummy.