Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugar High Fridays August Edition

This month I am happy to host the SHF August 2009, with the theme of "Vegetable Surprise!" That's right, put your best "Iron Chef" on and get crazy with the dessert course — use of ice cream maker allowed. C'mon make us WANT to eat those veggies whether you make it deceptively delicious or just darn delectable, bring it on!

Sugar High Fridays, or SHF, was started by Jennifer at Domestic Goddess. Each host for a roundup chooses a theme and all of you post a dessert recipe for the theme. To get an idea of what Sugar High Friday is all about, look at these recent roundups:

Rules for Participation:

1. You can make any dessert you want, as long as it contains a bit of vegetable for one ingredient. Your post must include a link to this blog's announcement and a link to

2. Send your entries to farmerfare@gmail.com with subject line SHF-August. Please send your entries in English only, or with a link to the page which has English translation on your blog. Include in your entry:
  • Name of blog and link
  • Permalink for your post
  • Description of recipe
  • Image no larger than 200 pixels wide (height can vary).

3. The deadline for sending in your entries is Monday, August 24, 2009. Maximum of TWO (2) entries per blog.

4. The roundup will be posted on the last Friday of August (the 28th), so come back and make sure your entry is a part of the mega-roundup.

5. Non-Bloggers are welcome to email me their recipes, and I'll surely include them in the roundup as well. Or leave your recipe in the comments section of the final roundup post.

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