Monday, November 03, 2008

Sign. Sign. Everywhere a Sign.

I am finding it hard to work. Hard to keep my mind off Greater Things.

On my way to work, a homeless man had taken up his post at the corner of the overpass, at a stop light. I paused, having only a few seconds before the light would change. Do I give him money? How can I be sure he will use it for food, that he is really homeless? Does it matter, he's in worse shape than I am either way.

He's holding a sign, simply, "Please help. God Bless." The other hand is holding a sign as well, two fingers in a "V." Peace. I have just moments now. As Jen has taught me in her posts, the thing beyond money that this person may need is to be seen. To be recognized as a fellow person. I look him in the eye, I flash back a peace sign. It's all I can do.

He smiles, a big open grin. Our eyes meet. Is that a flash of something there? Is it just because today is the day before a momentous election, could it be, a glimmer of hope in both of us. A shared moment where we think about better times being possible.

I'm saying yes. I am taking it as a sign.

I will admit that I won't stop writing about the politics that impact our food supply and safety even if the election goes as I hope. It will take time to change agencies like the FDA and USDA and regulations. I just hope that this time around, after tomorrow, someone will hear my call for action. And change will come. That I can write posts that shout to the hills the good things that are being done.

It's a change I hope for. And the sign pointing the way to that change has but four letters:


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Girlplustwo said...

i am sorry i missed this, i've been election week insane. thank you for this, it meant a lot to me tonight. xo