Sunday, June 13, 2010

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Congressmen

Dear Pat Roberts,

I realize you have a history of demeaning small farmers and fully support Big Ag interests, some of the world's wealthiest companies in the world right alongside Big Oil.

But to protest the USDA's spend of $65 million on the "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" program when Big Ag gets a $5 billion handout in subsidies in two year period, and crop insurance gets another $7 billion in that period?

Basically, that's not even one half of one percent of Big Ag's share to help promote small farms and local agriculture. I find this disappointing. Frankly, I find this anti-Kansas. Remember Kansas? The state that elects you?

You see, if consumers spend just $10 per week of their food budget on local food, their state could grow up to $100 million per year for the local economy. Which means more jobs. And we could use those right now. That's just for one state, too, not fifty. Not a bad investment for that one half of one percent.

Not to mention that $10 a week would be buying fruits and vegetables, not processed foods. Healthier foods make healthier people who spend less on medical care. Also a huge concern right now.

So, Pat Roberts, do you remember Kansas? Because we sure will remember you and all of this come election time.

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