Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Berkeley, Beans and Brown Bagging It

I've read with envy all the amenities and fresh food that Alice Water's and Co. have implemented in Berkeley schools along with their Edible Schoolyard program. I think about that program. Usually as I am eyeing my kid's school menu of "Hot Dog Tacos" and "Cheesy Potato Bake" with disdain as I pack her little bento box full of things like chicken potstickers, broccoli — a favorite vegetable, and fresh cut fruit.

Then I read this article in Grist about just how well the kids in Berkeley are eating and what they are not eating. Do they eat a better diet and non-processed foods than other kids? Yes. But, even with all the advantages, frankly the kids still aren't eating as well as they could.

How can this be? I mean, school lunch is the evil cause in the media right now. Fix that, and we fix the problem, right?

Apparently not. Apparently there is a missing ingredient in this menu for change. It may be, just may be, that for kids' diets to change completely for the better, that change has to happen at home, too. And anywhere kids eat, really. Everywhere.

So, Edible Schoolyard, stay the course. I'm still envious. But here on the home front, I'm trying too. I'm trying really hard.

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_vTg_ said...

thanks for the fascinating link! I agree that school food can never be the complete key to healthy eating: of course there has to be a home components. But the school side of the equation can provide children with exposure to new foods and there is also a chance that children see their peers enjoying healthy good. Good on you for resisting the poor options offered at your school! Hopefully your child's friends will request similar lunches from their families!