Saturday, March 27, 2010

Talking 'Bout a Revolution

I rarely have anything I want to watch on TV. I always seem to find other things I would rather do. But I sat down with the family to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I was not sure how the kiddo would handle two hours of non-Disney programming. Then, while we were watching, I realized that, for once, turning on the TV was a good thing.

When Oliver went to the hospital with an entire family to get their kids screened for diabetes, I got a LOT of questions from the peanut gallery. She was very concerned about the boy on TV. She asked about the family, about their size, and about all the food piled on the table that showed a week's diet for them. These are tough questions to explain to a five year old.

They are also the right questions to have to answer. Even at age five. Especially at age five. We worry a lot about talking to our kids about drugs, sex and smoking. Because these things have inherent dangers. When the foods we consume also have inherent dangers, it's time to add junk food to the list of talks. And educate our kids, daily, about what is healthy to eat and why.

We'll be tuning in to that show every week.


limo hire said...

Jamie Oliver's food Revolutions ...loved it...and i nvere miss any friday night.

Jennifer Eremeeva said...

I thought it was a great show, and as someone who cooks on Friday nights, rather than going out, Jamie is a super addition! Good for you for pulling your famly in on it!