Sunday, November 22, 2009

Making a List ...

Just got done playing bumper carts at the grocery store. Wow. I try to get as many local ingredients as I can for Thanksgiving, but there is still a trip to the store involved. And a grocery bill that reads more like a mortgage payment.

There is also a slightly obscene feeling to buying two pints of heavy cream and eight sticks of butter for one meal. Thanksgiving is that annual time of year to pay homage to butterfat. It is also the time of year when I make more lists than Santa Claus.

First list Menu, next list, Grocery store, check. Grocery store and local produce sources both for that list. I have just enough OCD that I even organize this list by aisle at the store. Basically, its what we are all doing right this moment. Well, that and cleaning house and wondering, "How am I going to get all this done?"

Couple tips:
  1. Clean out the fridge to make as much space as possible for the incoming.
  2. Put all your recipes together and scan them, compiling the amounts of the same items into one list, so three recipes call for 1/2 cup of cream means you need add pint to list. A great tip on recipes is to think about making items that require the same oven temperature for your sides, or don't require the oven. Makes life SO much easier.
  3. Check your pantry against the list, crossing off what you have. It's cheaper to use what you have on hand — just make sure you have enough!
  4. Remember the bulk aisle to save money on the nuts and other items.
  5. Don't forget the items you need to make the leftovers into soup or casserole.
Next steps for me now are to make a few more lists.
  1. Chop list, list all the quantities of produce you need prepped and measured into one list. You can do this work a day ahead, even two days for some items. Plus, the prepped items take far less space in the fridge — leaving room for the turkey.
  2. Errand list, things for us like pick up the turkey from the farm (already butchered, thankfully), liquor store, and items that need to be purchased day before like fresh bread or ice.
  3. House list, vacuum, set table, anything on the to-do's that can be divided and conquered. Share the wealth, I say!
Last on the list, is the Timing List. This is the one where I write down all the items that need to be done day before and day of, and put them in order of timing. It's easy to get sidetracked and forget. Doing this one list in advance is mandatory for making it to the table on time. This list will keep you sane.

Now, I better go work on those lists!

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Rachel said...

you and I seriously share some brains, B! This is exactly what I did on the Monday before my Thanksgiving celebration, too. Plus a master list to remind me what lists I'd written!