Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dark Days, Waiting for Some Sun

It's gray and raining. The radio is raining bad news and bad things are happening to good people around me. I hate these weeks. It's hard to post about this or that great ingredient. So, I am going to watch it rain.

While the headlines are pouring in, the main one filling my news lists and RSS feeds would be the possible link between a Smithfield Farms CAFO and the swine flu. It's not a huge stretch of the imagination that a giant, open vat of sewage might lead to serious environmental issues, or be a breeding ground for bad bugs. But, so many industrial practices defy basic logic. Even without the pandemic, it's just wrong.

You just can't fool with Mother Nature like this and win. Enough now. Enough looking back. Let's think ahead.

The CDC web site has good information as far as the flu goes.

Stop blaming, think what can we do for the long term? I never like sitting around worrying.

1. Eat less meat, reduce the number of CAFOs. Less demand, less source. We have control.
2. Try to purchase more sustainably produced meat if you can find it and afford it.
3. Write your reps and the president and request that they hold CAFOs responsible for coming up with a cleaner, safer approach instead of the big vat of sewage. It's not too much to ask for, and maybe, if we all pull together, something good can come of this.

Going to sit and wait for the sun to come out now. But if you need some happy, go over and check out the farmer biographies on the Urban Farm Tour site. Great posts about people who are meeting the needs of low income communities, giving our community more diverse culture, and hard-working farmers who are taking care of the land and growing healthy, sustainable food. Good stuff.

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