Sunday, March 01, 2009

rBGH Battle Still On in Some States

The state-by-state attempt to change milk labels is still on, at least in states like Kansas. It's frustrating when most other countries such as the UK have banned the use of the drug due to concerns over its affects on both human and animal health.

If you are still wondering, "what's the big deal over this?" then a visit to the site Your Milk on Drugs will at least give the side of the story for those in favor of clear labels explaining if the milk was produced with rBGH or not.

Want to take action? Tell Kansas to keep consumers informed about rBGH on milk labels.


samantha said...

Its time we really paid heed to organic stuff and organic content in our food - milk and veggies and fruits - to start with. Lets work on the logic - Food is Medicine and stick together for Natural foods.

Wow Gold said...

Good posting!