Friday, January 30, 2009

HFCS Often Contaminated with Mercury: FDA has known for four years.

Three days ago, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy published their findings in association with the Environmental Health Journal study:

Mercury was found in over a third of processed food products tested, the source of the mercury is contaminated high fructose corn syrup.

One of the researchers, Renee Dufalt, led inquiry into the possibility that HFCS contained mercury while working with the FDA in 2005.

The FDA did nothing to inform consumers about the mercury in the last four years.

Two other very common food additives are also manufactured with mercury cell technology; citric acid and sodium benzoate. These additives have not yet been tested.

Learn why this is a HUGE health issue here.

Interestingly, President Obama introduced legislation in 2007 to end the use of mercury cell technology while still a senator. It’s time to ask him to reintroduce this bill. The technology is outdated and is completely unnecessary to use in manufacturing. This issue was avoidable. Write your representatives and President Obama and ask that this legislation be reintroduced and passed. The name of the bill is S. 1818 Missing Mercury in Manufacturing Monitoring and Mitigation Act.

It is also time to ask the new FDA administrators to be accountable. In China, perpetrators in the recent tainted milk issue were sentenced to death in two cases and life imprisonment for others. The least we could expect in our country should be legal action that holds the manufacturers and FDA administration accountable. Imagine what would happen if we imposed a death sentence here, or at least a civil suit.

If you would like names of who was running the EPA in 2005 when the agency knew about the mercury issue anddid nothing, here they are: Stephen Johnson and Micheal Leavitt.

There are four high fructose corn syrup plants in the U.S. that still use mercury cell technology. Here are their names and contact information. Go ahead, give them a call, email or letter and tell them what you think.

As consumers, we can also quit buying products containing HFCS.

We can also call or write the manufacturers of these products and let them know we quit buying their product until we know it is safe. If we all emailed just one manufacturer a day, I bet it would get some response. Go ahead, write them, blog about it. Use names.


JessTrev said...

Woo hoo! I knew I could count on you! Thanks for giving me some action items to cross off (besides writing my city councilwoman to get her working on the Teflon chemicals in my water!) -- I love having the company info cause here in the nation's capitol we have no reps to contact. ;) I saw that Obama had intro'd legislation about the mercury processing years ago. Loving him even a little bit more now.

Chiot's Run said...

Outrageous, that's all I have to say!

Joe said...

I want to see prison time. I bet those running FDA are thanking their God that they’re not Chinese. I actually want capital punishment, but that’d make me as lame as them.

katiez said...

Mercury - in, let's see ... candy, gum, soda, juice, cookies,...
Thank god not in anything fed to children, that would be tragic!
What are these people thinking? Are they thinking?

Expatriate Chef said...

Katiez, I would guess they were primarily thinking about profits.

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Anonymous said...

I am NOT trivializing the issue, but at what levels was mercury found in these samplings of HFCS? Fresh tuna is known to have traces of mercury. Maybe the FDA did not perceive a threat due to extremely low levels.

And don't forget that any beauracracy is slow to move. It was not that long ago (50 years?) people actually thought cigarettes were GOOD for you!

The issue needs more study, but sensationalizing it and calling for capital punishment is a bit extreme. The best way I see to get more study is to contact your representatives and senators, the FDA, and the companies themselves. But do so, calmly and rationally.

Expatriate Chef said...

I'm not calling for capital punishment, just accountability. Which our system lacks. The FDA did not DO anything, and knew about the issue. Writing them is probably not going to be effective. I do encourage (and provide links and info) to directly contact the facilities that still use mercury cell production methods, the president (for his legislation to be reintroduced), Congress, and any food processor on the list whose product is tainted. Rational action is the way to go.

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