Monday, December 01, 2008

Dinner fit for a President-Elect

I've been debating my own "short list" for White House chefs. I have to admit, I am not on the list. When it comes to those black-tie affairs-of-state, well, I am grossly under-qualified to be head chef. However, if you asked me, "What would you cook for Barack Obama?" Well, I'd be honored to make him dinner. I could puzzle for days, agonize even, over how to include something Midwest, Hawaiian, Indonesian and Kenyan on one plate. I am not sure it could be done.

What could be done, what I would cook, would be whatever is in season at the time, gathered locally. The dinner would last a few days as I would require the new president to go with me as I gathered all the ingredients. I would want him to listen to the farmers who grew the food. Hear their take on the Farm Bill, on rural life, on food. Once I got the ingredients prepared, I would ask the farmers to join us at the table for the meal.

Perhaps the food would not be the best, or even memorable, among all the meals our new president will eat during his time in office. But, I would hope the experience would stay with him.

Your turn. What would you cook for President Obama?


Anonymous said...

You should add Turducken to the list, there is a play by play on my blog, enjoy

Steve said...

I think I would make Spam - popular in Hawaii. Either that or fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda - an American favorite.