Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News for a Change

I made a hopeful plea that perhaps, with the new administration, I would have good news to blog about instead of always down in the muck with rake in hand. It's promising that with Obama still not even in office, there are some bright spots on the horizon.

Obama considers Robert F. Kennedy to head up the EPA. Imagine, an environmental activist someone who CARES about the environment heading up an agency named "Environmental Protection" Agency. It's just so ... logical. So right. Maybe this will mean reversal of the recent CAFO rule that allows a feedlot to pretty much "self-regulate" with regard to pollution and emissions. Among other atrocities of the last eight years ... here, here, here. A positive sign is the announced intent of the Obama administration to immediately reverse many of the Bush administration's anti-environment policies (among others).

A different kind of stimulus package is put forward. I'm a big advocate of food justice, so when I read that Obama's plan would extend food stamps and unemployment benefits, I can see how this measure would help the people who were hurt most in the "Trickle Down" where none of the obscene profits trickled, but, boy, the problems sure came down like a flood.

The other piece is using the money to help create jobs. Kind of makes sense, huh? More jobs, less unemployment. A lot more than sending us all a check (even the wealthy) so we can go out and buy $600 worth of stuff MADE IN CHINA.

I know, I know, Christmas is coming and that money would have helped. Still, I'd rather know people have a roof over their heads, even if it means I have less under my tree. Call me a socialist if you will, but even the Grinch figured out that Christmas doesn't come from the store. We can, too.

As far as the new administration hearing the call for change, well, apparently Obama has read the open letter to the "Farmer-in-Chief" written by Michael Pollan. Cool.

Wow. It's nice to post good thoughts. I hope there's more where this came from!

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Paul said...

Michael Pollan has a little bit of research to do to qualify his claims that agriculture contributes more "greenhouse gases than anything else." Science doesn't back up those claims, not by a long shot. American Agriculture contributes more to cleaning up the environment than any other industry. Next to the forrests, it's the largest carbon sink in the U.S.. Its environmental footprint is smaller than any other industry you can compare it to.

The reason why Pollan distorts the facts, he is obsessed with deforestation in other parts of the world, and blames U.S. agriculture for its ills. It suits his model for revolutionary change, nothing more.

Pollan may be disappointed in Obama's decision to manage government from the middle while employing a non-partisan approach to addressing issues. For a hint, check out Obama's approach to political management when he was elected Chair of the Harvard Revue.

Agriculture is and always has been one of the bright spots within the otherwise lackluster American economy.

While there are things that need improvment within the ag industry, wholesale change advocated by Pollan would be a prescription for wholesale disaster on a world wide scale.