Monday, August 04, 2008

Nice Rack. And the Cheese Was Good, Too.

In some kind of sado-masochistic frenzy, I have been signing our little family on for farm tour events — in the blistering 95-105-degree heat.

This little excursion was up to a sheep farm an hour away. The farm was celebrating the launch of its cheese-making production. The event offered cheese tastings of fresh and aged cheeses. I was so busy eating, I forgot to photograph the cheese.

They also offered, seriously, RACKS of lamb. It's good to be ewe. If it isn't ewe, you end up on the grill. And, might I add, mighty tasty as well. A range of appetizers as well, using the cheeses, and for dessert, a dark chocolate selection that used the sheep's milk.

It was worth the trip to hear first hand the rather emotional greeting from the two women farmers. One gave up a medical career, risked her family's finances to begin an eight-year journey to this moment. A journey that began with only 10 sheep, milking them by hand, under a tent in the middle of the field.

The cheese is all-natural, with the ewes being fed 95 percent on grass. The farm will go 100% grassfed once the farmers have seeded the right mix of grasses in their pasture. Thus, sheep farming involves a fair bit of "grass farming" as well.

I guess if there is a price to pay for dragging your kid to farm tours and encouraging a palate, I paid for it on the way home.

From the backseat, "There's mud on my flip-flop!"

"That's okay, Honey. We'll clean them up at home."

"I'm tasting the mud!"

"Uh, no, we were at a SHEEP farm! That might not be mud. No tasting!"

Too late. For those who wish your three-year-old were a more adventurous eater, people, this is the other side. It ain't always pretty.


katiez said...

There'll never be another ewe...
Wow, that all looks fantastic!
One of my favorite things in Spain is getting a quarter of wood-roasted lamb.... Yours looks even better!

Rachel said...

ah, yes. The "omigod, that dark stuff ain't mud or chocolate" moment... Well, if Kiddo doesn't get sick, she'll have a great immune system from that!