Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beetcake: A Kinda Tribute to George Carlin

Off down the hall, I hear my child "reading." She's three, okay, so not really reading, but sitting with books in bed until she winds down and will go to sleep. She does not like to go to sleep. I used to think this was my fault. I tried all the parenting book solutions. Nothing worked.

I realize now that the situation is my fault, but it's not something I have done as a parent. It's genetic. I never went to bed either. Indeed, I got up so many times in a night, that my parents locked me in my room.

Which explains a lot.

It doesn't explain what Beetcake is or what it has to do with George Carlin. Let me explain.

George Carlin, may he rest in peace, had this great routine called "A Place for My Stuff." Somewhere in the long rant about having to have more stuff to put your stuff in, he worked in a bit about cleaning out the fridge and running across something so old, you can no longer tell what it is. "Is it meat? Is it cake? Maybe, it's MEATCAKE."

Which rhymes with beet cake. Which was supposed to be beet brownies, but the recipe seems to defy me in every attempt to make it brownies. Three bites into the current version, the moist, dark chocolately cake goodness, I realized to hell with brownies, it's a good cake.

It is NOT, however, a deceptively delicious cake. No. I did not puree the beets, friends. There is no vegetable sneaking around this place. This is most definitely beetcake flecked with red bits and all.

Sure, you could lie to yourself and claim the health benefits of dark chocolate, or using half the sugar because of the sweetness of the beets, or even the whole vegetable-in-my-dessert must be healthy game. You could. But that would be deceptive.

This is just good. And a good way for any beetphobes to use up those beets in the CSA bag.

You Can Beet Chocolate Cake

Ah, frosting. I hate frosting. Strange but true. I will only eat real butter cream, whipped cream, cream cheese frosting, or ganache. Use this honey-chocolate ganache to top the cake. Because that grocery store pure-sugar-shortening-crap is nasty and you deserve better.

One bite. Ask yourself: Is it beet? Is it cake? Maybe, it's BEETCAKE. Farewell, Mr. Carlin. Thanks for the laughs.

Dark Chocolate-Honey Ganache
Looking for this recipe? It will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.

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Rachel said...

Honestly, we have twins. I swear to god. Jess does not like the sleep at night thing. She likes her naps, but getting her down to sleep at night is a biiiig process. Like you, I can understand why; when I was a kid, I hated the thought of missing out on something the grown-ups were doing. Probably has something to do with why I became a reporter - terminal nosiness...

Almost Vegetarian said...

I love the five spice added to the recipe. I make a hot chocolate with ancho powder and it gives a wonderful depth of flavor (okay, that sounds good, but what we really like is the little kick of heat!).


(And as for bedtime, I was up at 3:00 in the morning last night watching the Olympics. It may not get better, but eventually they grown up and move out and it is their issue, not yours.)

Cheers, again!

Les said...

My son ended up reading the bedtime book to his dad as he would be the one who fell asleep!
This recipe sounds great, will definately give it a go this weekend.