Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay, I'm a Dumbass

We went out to dinner tonight. Some of the other parents from school, our kids, and us. I really like these parents. One couple holds a charity fundraiser for a women's shelter each year. In fact, the dinner was a place that was collecting food for a charity, kids eat free if you bring food deal. The lady brought a whole case of food.

So, we're at dinner and as usual, food comes up. What our kids eat and won't. All that. Then the web site came up. And I gave the url out for it. Then I realized. Oh hell.

The nice lady? Who does all the cool charity things? She works for one of the largest of the agribusiness companies. And, there you have it. So, I hope my politics here don't lose us a friendship. But, I can't really change these core beliefs either.

These are defining moments. Not only do I have to face up to the fact that my food politics set me apart, but also a great big whack to the side of the head that those monolithic entities are not objects, they are comprised of people. A very few at the top that make some crappy decisions, and the rest of them, moms like me, dads, friends, neighbors.

Big companies, lots of jobs, lots of people. It's ain't all that easy sometimes. But, it would probably have been better if I hadn't shared the url with the nice lady who cares about battered women. Yeah, I'm a dumbass.


Rachel said...

try not to sweat it. In a way, it could be beneficial; she could have time in private to digest how she feels about your views rather than you saying something in public that she feels she has to respond to immediately.

We're human beings - moms, neighbors, residents of a particular town and our kids do things together. Disagreeing with something in the abstract (like opposition to how agribusiness conducts its affairs) doesn't necessarily transfer to personal enmity, unless you personally choose that path. A really close friend from my time when I did a semester abroad in London was as very, very conservative Republican from PA. Catholic, anti-choice, anti-stem-cell research. She was an intern for then-Sen. Santorum, for god's sake! But we were friends, mainly because very early on we agreed that while we were politically very different, we both loved our country and wanted what was best for it. Worked for us. I hope it allows you and this woman to work together on helping battered women.

For in the final analysis, our most basic common link, is that we all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and we are all mortal.
John F. Kennedy, Speech at The American University, Washington, D.C., June 10, 1963

Laura said...

I would also add that the more independent-minded, discerning employees of "big business" companies don't always buy into everything the company represents. Sometimes it's just a good paycheck, or a job that doesn't require relocation, and they just have to come to terms with the disconnect with some of their personal values.