Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pork Chops Taste Good, Bacon Tastes Good

Yep, I dig on swine. I don't love bacon plain, though. I'm not even sure that I love it enough to try it in a chocolate bar, either. But it offers a certain salty, smoky, and yes, fatty something to any dish you are preparing. Which, in moderation, is really fine. In fact, natural bacon, from pigs raised on a natural diet in the old school way offered up some Omega-3s in their fatty content.

Which, to me sounds a lot better than "healthy" bacon from a cloned transgenic pig carrying a worm gene. Seems kind of an extreme solution when all you have to do is feed the animal its real diet, huh? (shudder).

So, we got some real pork from a couple local farms. It tastes good. Which is to say, it has a taste. Grassfed meats are, well, meatier. Personally, I won't ever go back. I'll go vegetarian before I give up grassfed meats. It's that good.

I got about two pounds of collard greens from the farmers market. I've had to condition myself to try cooked greens again. My only history was overcooked greens served at the rest home where I worked in high school. In fact, the very first experience involved stringy greens, an old guy with no teeth, me, and the Heimlich maneuver. I won't expand on that.

But, you don't have to overcook your greens. Not even tough ones like collards. Just give them a quick blanch by steam (5 minutes) or boil for just a bit (2 minutes) then set aside in a colander to drain. Now, you can just saute them and have texture and flavor left. And bacon. Collards and bacon are like soul food mates. It just works.

Collard Greens and Bacon
Looking for this recipe? It will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.


Kim said...

The pork chops and other cuts we have from a local pig are hands down, THE BEST PORK I've ever had. Tender, moist, tasty pork. You're right, I'll go veggie before I go back to frankenswine!

Susan said...

Thought you'd be interested in this short omega-3 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIgNpsbvcVM--

adampaul said...

I absolutely agree on naturally-raised pork (and, well, just about everything else), but perhaps you're doing yourself a disservice by avoiding Vosges' bacon chocolate bar. It's really, really good!

Erinn said...

Was that a Pulp Fiction quote there? I love it! And the recipe sounds great as well. I've got a bad opinon of pork chops only because as a kid my mother over cooked them beyond belief. But perhaps I should give chops another try.

Expatriate Chef said...

Yep, Pulp Fiction. So many quotes from that movie! :)

Expatriate Chef said...

And, Adam, it is hard to resist a chocolate bar shaped like a pig. I might try it. That I might.