Sunday, June 22, 2008

Perfection, Summer Peaches

We're into the second week of local peaches. There are few finer and more affordable pleasures than a single, perfectly ripe summer peach. You will not get this flavor from a peach that has been picked early and shipped. You will only get this tree-ripened and fresh, just on the verge of soft, the fuzzy skin yielding just barely to the touch. That is your pick. Eat it soon. Use a napkin, and make that incredibly rude, but understandable schhhhlllllerrrrrrrppppp as you bite into it. Ah.

I do not cook Iron Chef. That is, perhaps, a level of complexity that I will never attain as a cook. And there are moments where I absolutely don't care. Where it is nearly a crime to even think of preparing an ingredient with anything more than a rinse under water. Understanding this is a good place to be as an eater. And a lot less stressful as a cook.

Perfect Peach Summer Side
Looking for this recipe? It will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.


Rachel said...

beautiful!!! I always hate it when the end of the stone fruit season comes around.

Hey, B, you ever considered canning fruit? It's such a shame (yet again) that we aren't neighbors; my sister-in-law and I are both planning some major projects. She loves to can, I used to really enjoy helping my mom when I was a kid, and it'd be a great way to preserve some of this beautiful fresh produce. In any event, she and I are getting into rhubarb here in a few weeks - it's peak harvest for that...

Farmer said...

I actually made some jams a while back, the summer I was pregnant. We were visiting family in Montana and spent time making huckleberry jam and a ginger plum jam. I enjoyed the experience, but have that whole uncertainty about the process. We canned quite a bit when I was a kid, however. I enjoyed it.

I do wish we were neighbors!!!

Rachel said...

uncertainty, from a sterility perspective, do you mean? Yeah, there is that.

Janet said...

Gasp! I can hardly express my envy! Where did you find them, if you please? (I'm just up the road in Lawrence.)