Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Got Real Milk? You've Got More Nutrition

I like milk. I like dairy in general. But, when we started buying milk from a local farm that has all grassfed cows, I rediscovered just how good milk can taste. It even tastes different with the seasons. My favorite? The lush grass from early summer seems to offer up the richest tasting milk.

Interestingly, this exact "summer milk," milk from grassfed cows, has now been proven to be significantly higher in beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins than their conventional ‘high input’ counterparts. Further, the fatty acids in milk contain a higher ratio of "good" fatty acids like Omega-3 to less desirable fatty acids like Omega-6. Industrial-farmed milk has a more even ratio, which is not as beneficial.

I'm not sure why this study should be a surprise. It's just logical, isn't it? A healthy animal eating a healthy diet produces better milk.

And it tastes better.


Her Grace said...

This is one of the areas of local eating I haven't been able to conquer. The only local milk I can find is raw (by buying a share of a cow). Dairy products are hard too. I'm envious of your arrangement :)

Expatriate Chef said...

I feel pretty lucky myself. I've been able to source all kinds of products. Here, the grassfed milk is even sold in the grocery store! It costs more, but we don't buy any expensive snack foods, and I save buying direct from farmers on produce and meats.

katiez said...

In Hawaii, where the cows are fed pineapple scraps, the milk has a slightly sweet taste....
I cannot drink the long-life milk so popular everywhere here. I understand it's uses - like for my friend in the high mountains, but I can't like it!