Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ricotta Gnocchi with Asparagus, Peas and Green Onions

It's asparagus season. This means that for just one month a year, I can get this vegetable pretty much fresh cut that morning. There is nothing like it for flavor. We eat about 4 pounds of the stuff each week until the season ends and, this time of year, something else amazing shows up at the market. I forget how good it is, then remember again each spring.

I got the idea for this one dish from two different recipes in Gourmet that both sound good. The ricotta gnocchi was appealing, but what about adding some fresh herbs? And then using the fresh green veggies to counter the richness?

I did just that, and the end result was really nice. The ricotta gnocchi are lighter and fluffier in texture than the normal potato version. It doesn't take that long to make them, either. The herbs and veggies are all in season at the same time, so the dish is very much seasonal and fresh.

Herbed Ricotta Gnocchi with Asparagus, Peas and Green Onions


jen said...

good lord i am hungry now.

Rachel said...

I love those ricotta gnocchi - I've made them a couple of times and they're just soooo tasty. They would seem to work really well with spring veg, too!

Sven said...

GOod Job! :)