Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sorry, Things Have Gotten Crazy

No posts for a while. I've been a bit overwhelmed at work, home, and well, everything. I am cooking, working on some new recipes for the spring season, and those will be showing up definitely. A few are really good, but need some fine tuning. We had a pretty slow start to the season this year, so far, just some greens and spring onions and herbs are showing up.

I planted about 24 square feet of garden with everything from kale and chard and cole crops to shell peas and beans for the summer. Strawberries, herbs. I have more to plant, still. As for the rest of the gardening, I've been tackling an area about 200 square feet of shade garden that literally has foot high weeds. By the time I am done, there will be nearly 150 new plants in that area, once the weeds are gone. Now, is the rest of my house clean? Uh, no. Is the Victory Garden a victory? Hmmm, right now it's still a battle, no clear victory in sight.

I wish there were about four of me most days. One of me would sleep. One of me is going to sleep now.

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MamaBird said...

wow, welcome back, i too have been choosing being outside over blogging (or reading) most days!