Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NYC Passes Calorie Count Law, Plus Other News

New York City today passed a health code provision which requires restaurants that have at least 15 establishments nationwide post caloric information on menus and menu boards in the same font and format used to display the name or price of the menu item. Kudos to you, NYC. And thanks again for the trans fat ban.

In other news, the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production calls for urgent and major reform of confined animal operations.

“One of the most serious unintended consequences of industrial food animal production is the growing public health threat of these types of facilities,” the report said. “There is increasing urgency to chart a new course” in agriculture, which has been shifting over the last 50 years from family farms to large livestock meat producers.”

Details on study findings here.

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Stephanie Wells said...

I believe Seattle (King County) has also passed this law, meaning that restaurants that are chains of 4 locations or greater must display calories AND macronutrients of foods on the menus AND menu boards where you order. I'm thrilled! What an eye-opener this will be for people. I'm sure restaurant owners are not so excited...