Friday, April 04, 2008

I Think I Must Be Old

I lectured to some journalism students on Thursday. It reminded me how much I enjoy teaching. It also made me feel a bit old. See, the first part of the class some of them were complaining about how their mom didn't "get" the whole green thing.

I was like, hey, I'm your mom's age! I was also having a horrible thought, some day my own daughter could be right there with her friends griping about me. You give your whole soul to your child, and in this totally normal phase, she is going to bitch about you — maybe even justified bitching, I thought. Heh. Oh well, she'll still show up for laundry and good meal. That whole unconditional mom-love thing isn't going away.

And that's when I realized how much I have changed these last 20 years, all the struggles I put behind me. And the most massive changes of all in the few short years since becoming a parent. I also realized how good it is to be right where I am.

Which is not in the kitchen.

What's with the no recipes thing? I know, I know, the farmers market opens tomorrow. I kind of ran out of inspiration waiting out the winter for my local produce. I've got no plans (face it, I have no social life), lots of ideas, fresh produce to buy and a weekend ahead to cook.

If you are game, get your own local on and post on your farmers market trip, CSA bag o' goodies, garden or farm visit from the weekend. Submit the link to Eat. Drink. Better's Farmers Market Fare Carnival. Can't wait to see the posts. And recipes. And photos.


jen said...

alrighty woman. i want a recipe for foods that are coming into farmers market season.

hop to it.

Rachel said...

Old? don't think so. Experienced? Wise? Yeah. I think that the fetish-ization of youth seriously undercuts the pleasure and contentment of living and growing older; I don't want to relive my youth, I want to enjoy gaining years with a youthful outlook!

I find the last months of winter to be a real drag in terms of creativity; it's more a case of being locked in and enduring 'til green things come back. Bet you're really looking forward to having the farmer's market re-open!


inside the box said...

As for the farmers market, I can't wait - in a few weeks, the first of the Georgia tomatoes and squash will be coming in. My favorite time of year.