Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hearing Voices

Remember when they first came out with those "portable" cassette players that could also record? They were about the size of a shoebox and weighed twenty pounds. Portable. What, no, you just know iPod only? Oh, yeah, I'm old.

Anyway, that was my childhood experience where we did all kinds of stupid things like slip the recorder under your grandfather's bed to show him how loud he snores and tape yourself singing "Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin ..." Ah, the early seventies. I was six, I just thought it was a song about ponies. So much for being raised in the height of the drug culture.

The point is, I'd hit that "play" button and this awful screeching would come out of the player. Not the crappy recording, mind you. The screeching was me singing. I was traumatized early to hate my own voice. Every time I have to leave a voice mail, there is a moment of fear after the beep.

So, you can imagine the panic that set in when I was asked to do a podcast on food. My first thought was, can I get a voice double? Then I said, oh well, I'll just pretend the whole friggin' world can't hear it and not listen myself either.

I caved and listened. It was not too awful, and I don't sound too stupid, especially since I am talking about food safety and supply issues, and a bit about my history as a shark wrangler.

Take a listen yourself. If it goes well, I may do more.

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