Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farmers Market Fare Blog Carnival

Don't forget to submit your post to farmerfare [at] gmail [dot] com for this week's Farmers Market Fare Carnival. Submissions are due by 2 p.m. Sunday, EST. The post must be non-commercial and contain a recipe or story about local food you prepared/purchased/picked up that week at a farmers market, CSA, garden/community garden or direct from a local food producer. Recipes are great posts, but personal stories are also of interest. Your post must also include a link to the carnival edition here at Eat. Drink. Better.

We’ll post a carnival here each week, with links to you. You can also use as a path to submitting.


Lynn from said...

How about a story about food you WISH you could buy at a farmer's market? AKA my muckraking with the school lunch program. Just wrote a post and mentioned the Farm to School program. Would that qualify?

Expatriate Chef said...

You got it. I like me a bit o' muckraking and personally drive my child's school nuts over food quality!