Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And Food Justice for All

I might have just stumbled into the local food movement just a few years back, but in the years since, the efforts here on my blog projects and in my daily life have brought me such rich experiences and some amazing sources of inspiration.

Most recently, I got to do an interview with Bryant Terry. He is the co-author of one cookbook, and is working on a second due out soon called Organic Soul. He has appeared on PBS and Sundance Channel and other shows. But what makes Terry inspiring to me is his work on "Food Justice." He's developed several programs that support sustainable, local foods for people who need access to healthy food and nutrition education. His efforts seek to empower people to make better food choices in their communities and to rise up to influence national and state policy.

You should take time to read the interview here and get inspired yourself. Food Justice is something we should all be working toward.

I guess if that is not enough to get you to click the link, the interview includes a damn fine recipe for Sweet Cornmeal-Coconut Butter Drop Biscuits. Man, I love soul food. And there just isn't enough places to get it near me. I am going to have to buy the book.


Rachel said...

how do you make coconut butter? I have coconut cream; do you just leach off the liquid and use the solid? I could filter the liquid through very fine-grain cheesecloth... They sound absolutely divine - fascinating interview as well.

Expatriate Chef said...

Maybe the coconut oil is the product he means here, I can ask.

Rachel said...

thanks - I'd appreciate that!

Expatriate Chef said...

It is what it is; coconut butter. The solid fat from coconut. It is used as substitute for butter in vegan cooking. Hope that helps. I found it in the aisles of Whole Foods.