Sunday, March 23, 2008

Recipe Carnival: Easter Edition

Happy Easter!
I've now reached my annual quota of deviled eggs, but am going to stay up a little later to show off what I found in my Easter basket of Recipe Carnival. The theme here is "Greens, Eggs, and Ham" for the holiday, but there were plenty of other surprises to be found.

Greens, Eggs and Ham:

What to Eat Besides Rabbit:
Even a Bunny Gets Tired of Carrots:
Bread for Your Basket:
Peeps Won't Work for These Dishes:
If You Didn't Get Enough Sugar Rush Off The Chocolate Bunny:
If You Got TOO Much Chocolate Bunny:
If You are Still Trying to Peel Your Sugar-Overloaded Kid Off the Ceiling: Miscellaneous Easter Eggs, (always a few well-hidden surprises to avoid with the lawn mower):

Real Green, Not Fake Grass:
As always, thanks to the Recipe Carnival creator, Shawn Lea. Next week's Recipe Carnival will be the Spring Chicken Edition. Last week's was the Spring Has Sprung edition.


Green Me (Alison) said...

I finally got around to checking out this edition (sorry, I am a little slow sometimes). Very clever! My family loves this kind of goofy humor. Now that asparagus season is almost upon us I'll have to keep your recipe in my back pocket. The husband loves ham, onions and goat cheese, but is not so fond of asparagus. Maybe the quiche will trick him! Thanks again for all your effort at being clever, some carnivals are so bland!

Bucket Truck said...

Pretty Cool Thanks :)