Thursday, March 27, 2008

The New Header and the "Double-ex"

Thanks, every one, who has commented on the new header. As a former web designer, it was about time I got around to fixing that. As far as the double-ex, I have needed to add that as well to help decrease some confusion.

I'm no longer an expat. And I have not been for some time. However, when I started the blog, it was to be home for all my travel and conservation writing and photos, with some food. I got into the local food, present took over past (as it should) and here I am writing on local food and family.

I probably should have changed over to a new blog, but I didn't. And I didn't know I would ever be lucky enough to have so many visitors. I am glad you are here!

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Janet said...

Thanks for the explanation. Ex-expat is much better than what I assume must have been a temporary thing with "When A Wanderer Comes Home to Local Food." Too long for an ID in my book!