Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Meme

Picked up a web meme.

Ten Years Ago
Transition period. I was changing jobs, single again, moving. And, I had just lost my father, my one person in the world who understood me. I have to say the ten years since have led to many improvements in my life! I would call that a year lost to insanity from grief. Good riddance.

What's On My To-Do List
Hell, what isn't? Blog posts I need to research. Plant our family garden. Work. Housework. And I need to get some new recipes going when the farmers market starts up next week — finally!

If I Became a Billionaire
Well, the to-do list wouldn't have clean house on it anymore. I'd have more time to blog. Have another child and adopt a few more who need a loving home and bright future. A farm and "green" house and a greenhouse with local food for my CSA that provides food and meal support both to low-income families. Quit my job and work on the cook book project. I think my to-do list would just get longer, but it would have some great stuff on it. Oh, and buy up every bit of land I could — so we would keep our farms locally for growing food.

Three Bad Habits
1. If I find an hour free, I think of four hours worth of stuff to do with it, and try to do it all.
2. I look like hell every day, and I should try harder.
3. I am terrible at paperwork. And remembering birthdays.

Five Jobs I Have Had
1. Rest home caregiver/cook/cleaner
2. Waitress at a country club. HATED IT.
3. Photo studio assistant. I can use any format camera, well, if you can even find film for them anymore. Loved that job.
4. Art director, offline and online both, won some awards. Male models have asked me, "Which nude photo of me do you like the best?" during a work day.
5. Shark wrangler/journalist/photographer, but my site bio tells you that.

Five Things About Me
1. I have the world's coldest feet. In the literal sense.
2. I only like dark chocolate, not milk.
3. I like shoes, but I hate to wear them.
4. Peanut butter is my favorite ice cream topping
5. On Myers-Briggs, my personality type is characterized as " a perfectionist who doubts that they are living up to their full potential. Rarely at complete peace with themselves - there's always something else they should be doing to improve themselves and the world around them."

I'm going to tag Mama Bird with this one. We just stumbled into one another during a Carnival of the Green. Also, Jen, because even though we've never met I am guessing she is an INFJ, too. Just a hunch.


Lynn from said...

I'm glad you did's fun to learn more about you..and I can't wait to read Mama Bird's.

Condolences on your father. I lost mine too.

jen said...

i love this and will give it a go - i'm bad at answering questions so let me dwell. and i took that test once, i can't remember all of it but i think the first letter was an E....

MamaBird said...

Thanks, Expat Chef, this was interesting to do. Sorry about your loss as well. I am looking fwd to reading Jen's blog, too, thanks for the connect! btw, last time I took the MB, I was an INFP. Actually an ENFP and also an INFP which the testers thought was highly unorthodox. ;) Happy Monday...

Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks, everyone. It's interesting to see the MB scores! And thanks for the condolences.