Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ding Dong, The Witch is ...

Dead. And, for now, so is the Kansas bill that would ban "rBGH-free" labels on milk. A large showing of local opponents to the bill, letters and testimony submitted to the legislative members and the dangerously vague language of the bill itself dropped the house on this one.

At this point, Senator Taddiken, chair of the legislative committee, announced the bill will not be part of this legislative session. The senator cited that the wording of the bill was considered to be too broad, and that any necessary changes could be either accomplished through rules and regulations proposed by the Department of Agriculture and reviewed by the legislature or that this issue could be taken up by an interim committee. Fortunately for Kansans, the Secretary of Agriculture submitted testimony in opposition to this bill.

Next in the firing line of this state-by-state effort is Missouri, and currently, Utah. It is important that all concerned consumers, regardless of state, speak out. Your home turf could be next.

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