Monday, March 10, 2008

Carnival of the Green #118

The eco-tour continues from where we left off at Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist. If you are looking to catch up on all things green, this is the right stop.

Eco Joe goes G.I. Joe with a video clip from The Onion on making the Iraq War more eco-friendly. He also offers a look at the home of Amory Lovins, who pays zero for heating costs, and actually sells back energy to the electric company. Includes three main ways to emulate his success.

Life Goggles' Team has a laundry list of submissions this week.

Beth at Fake Plastic Fish has a rant on the waste from computer parts that cannot be fixed or updated. She also request for you to send The Electronics Takeback Coalition stories of your own frustrations with this.

The Natural Patriot takes a look at the myth of biofuels and the research showing clearance of land for biofuel crops creates a "carbon debt."

Brave New Leaf takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the how diverse the modern greenie can really be. Which kind are you? Personally, I've been doing the eco-warrior bit for over 20 years now, so that rules out Eco Soccer Mom along with my refusal to wear leggings, I must be a pragmatic. announces its launch of a "community for creative minds," a social network said to house some content for informed activism. Nice images and galleries for the artistic activist.

Tao of Change writes about a waterless car wash product. Now, all we Karate Kid would-bes can Spray On! Wipe Off!

Mama Bird of Surely You Nest tries to find a way around the environmental health hazard of silica dust in most commercially available playbox sand. The warning label is interesting! Might also watch out for presents from the neighborhood cats.

Marigolds2 of The Blue Voice contemplates the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and various doomsday scenarios. The vault is a fascinating project if you have not checked it out.

Lynn at Oganic Mania contemplates the loss of the "commercial free zone" for kids, even in the organic product aisles. Now parents have characters like "Peter the Probiotic Bug" to contend with. USDA Organic, of course. I hear you, Lynn, 5,000 messages a day aimed at our kids from all sides is rough on us parent types.

Need the "green" in your Easter Basket? Cindy at My Recycled Bags offers a free free pattern for a recycled Easter basket plus lots of other green, eco-friendly patterns and tutorials for creating recycled bags.

Ket at Ethical Junction reviews The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience. He declares it a must-read, details in the post.

Elizabeth at Go Green Travel explains how to think about travel as part of a "spectrum of green" in shades of pea green to forest. What shade is your passport?

Umm contemplates the difficulty of simplifying in this post on how to de-clutter for you peace of mind.

Don't just whistle while you work (your cube mates will hate you), reduce, recycle and reuse instead. Chad at DigiBlog shows you how.

Oliver of Care2 posts a comparison of how different players with differing motivations and agendas view organic farming and food? And what sort of role does the mainstream media play in this construction work? Oliver Moore delves in, using Irish, UK and International examples.

Next week, the carnival packs up and heads over to The Natural Collection. Of course you can always find details on the Carnival of the Green at its home, Treehugger.


ollie said...

you don't need to publish this comment: you seem to hav emissed my carnival submission. Yes, it came in late on sunday night (though in terms of time zones, I think I should be OK as I'm posting from Ireland). Did you receive it? It was sent from moore.oliver[at] .
You can reply to the listed email address.

fatcatt316 said...

Haha, I think you got my submission for LAST week's COG as well as this week's. Thanks for putting both of them up