Friday, March 21, 2008

After This, How Did They Ever Sell a Billion?

Is that a Dixie Cup strapped to his face?! If I were a parent in the 50s, this would have scared me off the place for good. Yeah, kids, just watch TV and eat burgers, shakes and fries! Isn't it fun?! The obesity epidemic begins.


Janet said...

I'd say they sold billions by first getting kids to bug their parents into buying something, thanks to ads like this. (Remember, TV ads were in their infancy in those days.) I'm old enough to remember when McDonald's was new (or at least newish) and counted the burgers in millions. My family rarely ate out, and I don't think my family was odd in that regard. My parents were both very much children of the Depression, and if they were going to take the family out, it wasn't going to be for hamburgers. I don't recall ever going there, although I would have liked to just to know what everybody was talking about, but some kids must have been a lot better at bugging their parents than I and my sisters were.

Rachel said...

Weird fact - that's Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald! And yes, it really was a Dixie Cup strapped to his face.