Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Power and the People

Today, I am thinking about power. And how and why power can be used.

For Harm
This letter to Hillary Clinton pretty much sums up a lot of the food issues and the role of Monsanto and Big Ag in them. That all of this is tied to Bill's presidency and Hillary's law firm, clients, and corporate campaign supporters is frightening. Even if you take the letter with a grain of salt, and note that some of the issues share blame that goes farther back such as Earl Butz, there are some documented points in here that should give us all pause. (Thanks, Ethicurean)

For Good
The Global Seed Vault seeks to preserve diversity of food crop species in the event of massive climate change and/or man-made disaster (you could argue that climate change IS man-made disaster). One such man-made disaster is currently occurring with the contamination of natural plant species by GMO crops.

The Encyclopedia of Life launched with the mission to make all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For Greater Good
This is us. This is "we the people." As we face a new year that is so focused on politics, here is to remembering that WE are the primary branch of our government and we have a role in changing the Harm.

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