Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Funny how it's the little things you are proud of. We were eating dinner out, pizza, for the Kiddo's birthday. One pizza had meatballs on it. The waitress asks us if we like our dinner. The Kiddo tries a meatball, picks at the pizza, and looks at the waitress and says, "These meatballs aren't like my Mommy's."

To be fair, they were decent meatballs, but sausage and a bit heavier on the pepper. Still, these are the words that make a Mom's heart sing. She likes my cooking! After all the food worries from the days of baby food, to eating dirt, to Battle Orange, to now, she likes my food.

It's these comments that keep me trying. I decided maybe I would take on the, uh, cuisine at school with some real versions of their dishes. First I had to figure out what those are.

Basically, two-thirds of the meals consist of some kind of condensed canned soup, a meat, and a starch. So it goes like this; chicken and noodles, ham and noodles, beef and noodles, beef and rice, chicken and rice, ham and potatoes ... and so on. Three ingredients, not a tough challenge. I had some Thanksgiving turkey, cooked, in the freezer, so I opted for the recipe du jour of Turkey and Noodles.

Real Turkey and Noodles
Looking for this recipe? It is part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.

However, I am now being requested to pack someone's lunch for school every day.


Carina said...

Great! So now you can give all the rest of us brilliant ideas on lunchboxes that kids will actually eat...

Chef Tom said...

This sounds great, but I'm all turkeyed out at the moment. lol But I will try this out soon.

Carina said...

Weird...that comment was from months ago.... The computer is doing weird things, Beth.

Expatriate Chef said...

Definitely Weird!

I did make this again this year with the leftovers, still a good recipe. Tired of turkey, tho.