Monday, February 25, 2008

Now, I Think I Am Going to Cry

Corn and soy have long been genetically-modified. Most recently GMO sugar beets were developed to withstand the direct spray of Roundup herbicide. And now, onions join the ranks of GMO foods. The new onions were created for the sole purpose of preventing us from crying when we cut into them.

Unlike other GMO foods, this one has not had a new gene added to the mix, but by the process of RNA interference, the gene which triggers release of the sulphuric compounds has been turned off. Researchers claim this new onion is not only "improved" but healthier. They hope that this new onion will soon dominate the market. But, don't look for a GMO label, there are no regulations that require it. The closest thing to one might be the PLU# on the sticker.

When will the GMO-frenzy end? I think am going to go have a good cry.


jen said...

ok, say, but if a girl was to move to the middle of the jungle in a foreign country and grow her food, would this crap still apply?

it wouldn't, would it?

The Expatriate Chef said...

Nope, not if your seeds are organic or at least not GMO!

Her Grace said...

Are we really so pampered that we can't bear to feel the minor discomfort of cutting an onion? Are we incapable of cutting our onions under cool water (which always works for me)? Seriously? I don't care that my onions make me cry. I really don't.

And Jen? Is that a hint about your last post??

frugalmom said...

Unbelievable. Cooks for years have been dealing with this side effect from an onion. It is just part of deal.

katiez said...

Come on!!! Their messing with both the milk AND the onions?
I'm agreeing more and more with the French ban on GM foods... (not that I ever really disagreed...)