Thursday, February 14, 2008

Important Food News

Oh, no, Monsanto!
After efforts to get rBGH-free labeling banned in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, Monsanto now sets it sights on getting the labeling banned in Kansas. This is a serious issue as it represents, once again, Big Ag interfering with your right-to-know how your food is produced and what it does (or does not) contain. Kansas residents need to act fast, there is only one week before the Kansas Senate is out of session. (Details at

More Monsanto: Sugar, Sugar
The USDA has approved the sale of Monstanto's newest genetically modified seed — one for "Roundup ready" sugar beets. Approval was also made possible by the EPA upping the allowable herbicide residue limits by 5,000 percent. About half the sugar used in the U.S. comes from sugar beets, so by next year, consumers could be eating yet another genetically-modified food without any labeling. Center for Food Safety and Sierra Club plus two seed companies have filed a lawsuit to try and block the approval. (Eco Child's Play)

Farm Bill Follies Redux: A Second Chance at Subsidy Reform?
The Bush administration, in a fervor to slash all non-Iraq spending, has promised a veto if Congress does not come up with a farm bill that doesn’t feature additional spending. As a result, the subsidy reforms are being revisited, particularly the income cap for eligibility. Opponents of the proposed "reform" advise that none of these measures will be effective. There are loopholes large enough to drive a combine through, which would allow the larger producers to evade the subsidy caps. (PlanetSave)

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Her Grace said...

This annoys me, especially, because sugar is produced right across the river from my home. It's one thing I can get locally and cheap all year long. But I have no doubts that the sugar beet growers in my community bow at the alter of Monsanto, so now what do I do? Buy locally or buy organic to avoid the GMO beets?