Monday, February 04, 2008

How to Recognize if You are Raising a Food Geek

When my child crawled up on Santa's lap last Christmas, he asked her the age-old question, "So, what do you want for Christmas?" She had no idea. In fact, she had no idea that you were supposed to ask Santa for anything. He's just this great guy around at Christmas time to visit.

By the time her birthday approached, this idea of actually choosing a gift has begun to take hold. As her friends gathered at a celebration, one of the other moms asked my child, "So, what do you want for your birthday?"

The Kiddo took a moment to think. "Berries. Strawberries and blackberries."

I ordered 30 strawberry plants for our garden today.

Other sure signs of Food Geekdom:

We made an urgent trip to the custard stand after finding all the ice cream at the store "melty." As we pulled up to the speaker, and the woman began talking, my child asked us, "Where is that woman talking?" She had no idea what a drive-thru was.

The Kiddo recognizes and asks for cheeses that I can't afford to buy on a regular basis.

The little button nose turned up at her birthday cake, a basic chocolate with cream cheese icing. But she requested seconds on a flourless chocolate torte covered in ganache and raspberries the night before.

I've had her hand me a store-bought chocolate cupcake that she picked out. "Here, I don't want this, Mommy. Can I have edamame?" I tried the cupcake. Turns out, it was a box mix and tasted thin and metallic. I fixed her the requested vegetable when we got home.


umamimama said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. My kids like food most of my friends wouldn't even recognize.

How about "This (restaurant) Caesar dressing isn't as good as the kind I make at home," from my 8 y.o. food scientist and chief salad dressing maker.

Or "Mommy can I have seaweed and rice in my lunchbox tomorrow?"

[I actually had to say no to that one on the first day of school--I didn't want to ruin her social standing right off the bat!]

The Expatriate Chef said...

They sound like great kids!

umamimama said...

They crack me up on an almost daily basis with this food business.

BTW, have you seen that Mark Bittman is blogging?

Awesome stuff, and it's only 5 days old.

Shaping Youth said...

Mine started with 'salmon/dill dip' and all kinds of adult palate tastes from the get go (salsa, bento boxes, calamari, crab cakes/clams etc.) but warning, I've noticed as they get older and peer packaging/processed crud starts flingin' around the schoolyard, the chips-n- 'swaps' start kickin' in...bleh.

Thankfully, the default palate was set early on, but there's now more of a tug-o-war for hearts-n-minds from sports team snacks to friends' houses.