Friday, January 04, 2008

A Tiny Bit on Culture ...

Seems my new year predictions lost me one reader. I do, however, stand by my predictions especially the oncoming backlash for our country to look for what's honest and true across all facets of society as well as our food. Especially our food. Given the situation, politics and food are inextricable. At least in this kitchen.

Let's look at history for a moment. Forty years ago in the wake of the Nixon administration and the Vietnam war, our nation's largest generation ever underwent a Great Disillusionment leading to a cultural revolution never seen before. Civil rights and women's rights along with the sexual revolution added to the intensity. "Question authority" became a mantra. Anti-establishment sentiment abounded. Change was blowin' in the wind.

Flash forward to the Bush administration and the Iraq war. While wiretapping has occurred and other transgressions like torture and civil rights abuse along with a questionable war, nobody resigned. Our food system is in a sad state, controlled by big business interests. Then, there is our country's first real contender for presidency who is a man of color, along with a strong woman contender. Sounding familiar? I honestly think we are in the birth of a Second Great Disillusionment. Frankly, it's about time. I just hope the changes are real.

As a side note, Ali at Cleaner Plate put together a quiz on food issues of the past year. If you believe for a moment that there are not political issues linked to our food safety, well, take the quiz.


foodperson said...

I hope you're right. I'm among those boomers (it's only been 35 years!!!) disillusioned in the '70s, and I keep wondering where is the outrage at our current situation? I, too, am ready for change. I just hope somebody has time to start the r/evolution.

jen said...

what's that cliche - if you can't stand the heat...oh yeah, that's right. that's the one.


The Expatriate Chef said...

Get outta da kitchen! Heh! Yeah, the kitchen is the place in our lives where everything happens.