Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Groundhog Diet? And Other Updates

Seems that if you don't like the groundhog's prediction for more winter come February, well, you can just shoot him and make confit. I've had my share of eating small, strange mammals, and I think I will pass.

In other news, a Reuters article suggests that more Americans are opting for long-term healthy eating instead of dieting. The new emphasis is on eating healthy, not just weight loss. Good news that I hope we see more of in 2008.

Reuters also examines the issue of whether food miles really do help reduce global warming. The article makes some good points, but misses more important issues for local food and the environment; the support of sustainable agriculture methods; preservation of rural areas in a community; preservation of local cuisine and food traditions; decrease reliance on centralized agriculture and monoculture farming; preservation of seed diversity and heirloom varieties; less dependence on environmentally-destructive CAFO operations; support for food animals raised without antibiotics. To name a few, anyway.


katiez said...

How many foods have we lost because everything that is grown is the same: best to travel, easiest to grow in big lots, etc.?
On the other hand, my neighbor just gave us the chicken (payment) for letting their cows graze on a small pasture we own. At least she butchered and cleaned it. Now, that's local - but it's not nearly as perfect-looking as the chickens in the supermarkets.

Doctor_Eva said...

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