Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few More Good Links

Here's a great follow on Grist up to my moment on BBC worldwide debating food systems for developing countries. Seems there is a movement to let these people have some say in what they grow and eat. Wow, imagine that! Makes sense to me, especially with the focus on sustainable agriculture.

Raj left me a comment about that BBC discussion which was interesting. Apparently, I expressed my views on organic versus industrial agriculture directly to the Vice President for Food & Agriculture of the Washington DC based Biotechnology Industry Organization. This organization is none other than the major trade lobby which represents Monsanto. Ah, had I known, I would have used more choice words.

Raj is Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System. Amazon describes his book thus:
"Half the world is malnourished, the other half obese-both symptoms of the corporate food monopoly. To show how a few powerful distributors control the health of the entire world, Raj Patel conducts a global investigation, traveling from the "green deserts" of Brazil and protester-packed streets of South Korea to bankrupt Ugandan coffee farms and barren fields of India. What he uncovers is shocking — the real reasons for famine in Asia and Africa, an epidemic of farmer suicides, and the false choices and conveniences in supermarkets. Yet he also finds hope-in international resistance movements working to create a more democratic, sustainable, and joyful food system."
You can find Raj's blog here. He is a former policy analyst for Food First, a leading food think tank, and is a visiting scholar at the UC Berkeley Center for African Studies.

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