Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eggs, Not Over, But Easy

Ask the Kiddo on any given morning, noon or night, what she wants for a meal and chances are you will hear an emphatic "Scrambled eggs!"

Not only does she eat about 3-4 eggs at a time, but she loves to help cook them. She even reminds me about the pinch of salt when I forget it.

Last weekend, I thought we would expand on the egg repertoire a bit since the Kiddo has been on a meat strike these days. I fixed the most protein laden breakfast I could muster. Starting with a tofu-fruit smoothie and moving onto pancakes and shirred eggs.

The pancake was more of a clafouti, as much egg as flour. That results in this huge, fluffy baked pancake. The recipe is from Gourmet and calls for apples. You don't have to use just apples, come early summer, you can use fresh berries. Just skip the step where you cook the fruit. Add the strawberries to the skillet with the melted butter, pour on the batter and bake. I prefer just powdered sugar on the strawberry version, as the recipe calls for. But the apple version tastes better with maple syrup.

I also served up shirred eggs just to change things up a bit. Shirred eggs are a classic dish, but you don't see it too often on menus these days. I love it for brunch since you can make individual portions ahead and keep warm. The recipe easily adjusts up.

Shirred Eggs
Looking for this recipe? It will be part of an upcoming book with Ali at Cleaner Plate Club.

Art work for this post provided by the Kiddo herself.


tut-tut said...

You are the first person (other than me) who uses the words "shirred eggs"! No one ever knows what I mean. As always, thanks for the recipes.

rachel said...

OMG, that egg recipe looks delish. Shame... well, we'll add it to the "to make" list for when Jess outgrows this allergy.

And well done to the Kiddo for the artwork! Adorable!

Miranda said...

Thanks for the recipe. We had this last night for dinner, with the spinach, and it was very tasty. Though my 1.5 year old carefully ate the cheese and the ham and skipped the rest.

I was thinking next time I would cook it less so that the yokes would be runny. Any suggestions for cooking times then?

Also, I always thought eggs cooked in ramekins in the over were "coddled". Are coddled eggs and shirred eggs the same thing then?

The Expatriate Chef said...

Coddled eggs are cooked in the shell or an egg coddler in boiling water, also known as soft boiled eggs.

Cut the cooking time down by two minutes to get a slightly runny yolk. Though if serving to kids, I would cook theirs fully for safety.